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A Deeper Level of Coaching

for the Financial Wholesaler

From ROI to RO“WHY”

At The Perennial Group, we believe you do your best work when connected to your deepest “why.” We call it your RO“WHY”.


If you’ve found us, you are most likely a highly driven, successful financial wholesaler who loves strategic and tactical thinking. But you also don’t shy away from questions about what makes you tick. You understand that mental and emotional strength are pillars of your success as much as the columns in your Top Producers spreadsheet. 


We aid you in both aspects, rooting you to your deeper motives that produce your finest and enduring outcomes.

The Perennial Group is designed for YOU because...

You’ve tasted success but can’t quite figure out the next step forward.

You welcome a coach; you know the best financial wholesalers have them.

You're an expert in your field, but struggling to stand out.

You're transitioning into a bigger role or embarking on a new one.

You're eager to make a greater impact around you, but don’t know where to start.

You’ve read all the success books, but just can’t seem to reach that next level.

Meet the Team


Kirk Wayman

Founder and Principal Coach

Mitch Santala

Executive Coach and Consultant

Hope Seth

Executive Coach and Consultant


“I’m authoring a better version of my success story.”

Financial Wholesaler; Delaware Funds

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