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About Us

Why be great at “what you do” if you lose your connection to “why?”

We go from ROI to RO“WHY”.

Combining thirty years of experience in the financial wholesaling industry with decades of experience in the executive coaching arena, we aid you in connecting you to your deeper motives that produce your finest and enduring outcomes. We drive success through deepening your connection to the story that first brought you to financial wholesaling.


The Perennial Group delivers a different philosophy. We are not like other coaching programs you may have explored or experienced in the past. Our tailored approach is designed to support financial wholesalers in achieving their best and most sustainable results. By fostering a connection to the deeper motivations that drive both you and your clients, we help you reach new heights in your business success.


We believe the deeper you go, the bigger you will grow.


If this resonates with you, then you are most likely ready for The Perennial Group.


You courageously embrace inquiries about your inner drive, recognizing that mental and emotional resilience are as crucial to your success as putting up the numbers. We are here to help you succeed in both. Together, we discover your motivations, confront challenges, and explore your identity, inevitably leading to the production of your most remarkable and long-lasting achievements.


The Perennial Group does not stop at building your business and deepening your intrinsic motivation. We add a valuable component often lost in today’s fast-paced world: mentorship and accountability. By holding you to suggested practitioner rhythms, we remove the gap between “should have” and “finished.” One executive recently remarked that he pays for our coaching sessions twice a month because the interaction keeps him accountable. “My coach helps me work my system.” 


“I’m authoring a better version of my success story.”

Financial Wholesaler; Delaware Funds

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